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Starters & Alternators

Lancaster Starter & Alternator carries a full line of automotive starters and alternators for all import and domestic vehicles. Most units are available in new or rebuilt units, both OE and high-quality aftermarket options. Our rebuilt units are definitely the highest quality remanufactured units on the market.

We pride ourselves on having what you need in stock when you need it. From Audi, Honda, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, or Chrysler to even the hard to source units for Range Rovers & Volvos, we've got you covered!

We also understand the complexity of modern electrical systems and have the most modern test equipment to ensure every product functions to OE specs when it leaves our facility.

Excellent quality, product knowledge, and competitive pricing is what sets us apart from the parts stores. As the automotive industry gets more complex, it's never been more important to work with a specialty shop that knows the product they sell and stands behind it!

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Custom Rebuilds

Our in-house rebuilding allows us to control the quality of the components we use, and every rebuilt alternator undergoes thorough testing. While average parts' store remanufactured starters and alternators are sold on cost alone, our products are sold on value including quality, cost and service.

Our rebuilding process is extensive and thorough to ensure you get the best value for your money.

All of our units are completely taken apart and thoroughly cleaned. The housings are shot-blasted, not only make the units appear new, but also to check for cracks or defects.

We only use premium bearings, and all stators and rotors are checked with high-current test equipment. Regulators and brush assemblies are also replaced and tested on a state-of-the-art test bench. Voltage and amperage outputs are tested. The ripple voltage is analyzed from engine idle speed to maximum rpm.

All of our starters and alternators are tested upon completion, and again before shipping, ensuring they function properly when installed.

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Deka Battery


As one of the largest southeastern PA DEKA battery distributors, we have access to the latest OE equipment batteries at a fraction of the dealer price! Contact us for a Quote

Battery Consignment Program

Battery Consignment Program

Want to have the right batteries on hand, without any upfront fees? Lancaster Starter & Alternator can stock batteries at your repair shop at no cost to you. You only pay us when you sell a battery. We check the available inventory on a regular basis and make sure you always have the right batteries in stock. No hassle. We deliver! Contact us for details!

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