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About Us

Lancaster Starter & Alternator Service got its start in 1995, with the intention of providing high-quality starters, alternators and batteries to the Lancaster market. It wasn't long before our reputation for superior quality and service attracted a loyal following with many fleet and auto shops in the area.

As the business grew, we slowly added staff, with careful attention to our original vision of superior service. Eventually we added more delivery trucks and also expanded our product lines.

Our attention to quality and service eventually caught the attention of many original equipment product manufacturers including Mitsubishi Diamond Gard, Denso, Leece-Neville, C.E. Niehoff, and Deka Batteries. Partnering with these product lines gave us the ability to compete with dealers and to offer service to larger fleets with original equipment needs.

Lancaster Starter & Alternator building

Great business, very friendly and honest.
They really know what they are doing

Rodney R.

Best place around to get a starter or alternator. Great guys and much higher quality that chain stores.

Adam W.

Through it all, custom rebuilding has remained the mainstay and strength of our business. Offering this in-house service gives our customers the option to have uncommon units rebuilt properly, ensuring a proper fit on their equipment. We also provide custom rebuilding for all types of starters and alternators for any application from industrial lift trucks to agricultural equipment to hard to source automotive units. Rebuilding gives our customers the part they need, often for less than buying a new unit and has allowed us to cover all aspects of the industrial, diesel, automotive, and high-amp markets.

We have also developed a strong DC motor business that concentrates on the industrial market, including forklifts, aerial lifts, and various pump motors for liftgates, as well as a variety of additional hydraulic applications.

As we continue to grow and add product diversification, we strive never to lose the personal service and interaction that has established us in the market. Superior quality, excellent customer service, and commitment to our customers has, and will always be, the focus of our business.

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